Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Measure of a Sock

Inch by inch . . . foot by foot (pun intended)

The Sock is in a Box

The box is in the car

But, before I loaded it up, I took the tape measure to it . . . . drum roll please . . .

Admittedly I was doing this by myself, with the sock on the floor, and it may be off by a titch or two . . . but . . .

61.75 inches!

2.25 inches while it has been in Kenai.

Can you give me a WHOOT! Way to go! Awesome!

I knew you could. ;)

Come on Anchorage and Fairbanks, make us proud.

Oh - and the travel timing is working out amazingly well . . . just falling into place. Someone is willing to take the sock to Fairbanks and another person is willing to bring it back to Anchorage. AND . . . hubby "just happens" to have an appointment in Anchorage the day after the sock comes back from Fairbanks, so we can pick it up and bring it back to Kenai!

So cool.

I have folks calling me because of the newspaper articles - they want to work on the sock. So, we will keep it a couple of weeks in Kenai again to reach as many people as we can. The Senior Center will likely be our first place to set it up. And, then back to one of the coffee shops.

I love it when a plan comes together.
that's Xavier in the picture, by the way . . . he really took to the task. I told him he's a natural. I may just have to find some yarn and needles for him for Christmas. ;)

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cindyg said...

Wow...I love crocheting. Never have knitted but this contest gives me the excitement to start to learn. Has anyone donated yarn to you? Great blog...nice to hear about all who are participating.