Thursday, 23 October 2008

Hit the road . . .

I'll be boxing up the Sock Thursday and heading for Anchorage Friday with my friend to deliver it to the Knitting Grounds. It will be there for at least two Friday Night Knitting Group knits and I'm told that people are getting excited about it.

My mailbox has been getting hits with questions about what is this all about, why, where, what can you tell me about it, and similar questions. How much fun is that?

There are also some thoughts that the Sock may travel to Fairbanks. One fellow raveler has offered to make a trip up the highway just to take the sock up. Another has offered to bring it back just before Thanksgiving to Anchorage.

Now all we need is a willing LYS to host it during its visit to the suburbs of North Pole.
And, for your reading pleasure, here are TWO articles writting about the Sock after its visit to the Funky Monkey Coffee Shop - btw - thanks and a SHOUT out to Don and Sheraf for letting us sit by the fire and chat and knit and teach others to knit for over three hours last Saturday.

The Redoubt Reporter article was one I had requested. It's a small, new publication and only comes out once a week. The editor and chief reporter used to work for the other newspaper and recently quit her job to take on this new venture.

That's Jenny in the picture there with me. She had never knitted and we encouraged her to try at least one stitch. She did a great job and said her Mom would never believe she had done it.

Well, we have proof, so yes she will. ;)

I had not approached the other newspaper for an article, because it seems hard sometimes to get them to cover such "small town" news - even though we ARE a small town. So, I just didn't ask.

But, while we were knitting someone who works out with me at the high school pool each morning came in with her family. She and her son even knit a few stitches with us. Suddenly she leaned over and said to her husband, "hey! This would make a good story!" Then I realized her last name and recognized that he is a reporter for the paper. Well, he said something like "Naaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh" and she quit pestering him.

Then another couple joined them . . . friends of theirs . . . and we continued to ignore them and mind our own knitting business. Of course, I invited the new couple to come over and do a few stitches, which they declined to do, but other than that we gave them their space.

Suddenly the man was in my face, taking pictures and asking questions of me and the others there. I asked him who he was and he said Joe from the Peninsula Clarion. "This is too good a story to pass up," he continued. Well, goodness gracious sakes alive! I awoke Monday to a front page article! In fact, both papers printed the articles with pictures on the front page. Pretty cool, I must say.

We're hoping for newspaper AND tv coverage in Anchorage - and if it goes to Fairbanks, there too.

Next entry will come from Anchorage. Whoot!

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mwknitter said...

Where is the sock going next? How about the Chicago area? I'd love to knit on it!!!