Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Big Sock's San Diego Visit

We had a great time with the BigSock visit during it's visit to San Diego. People were amazed by the scale of the sock and while most knit for a needle or 2, others spent hours and hours with the sock. It was nice to slow down and visit over the sock during the last month.

It was great to watch knitters pour over the scrap book, admire the work that had been done and then pick their spot, sometimes it was their favorite seat at the table, some picked based on their favorite color. We had knitters of all ages come to knit on the sock.

To wrap up it's time with us at Two Sisters and Ewe we threw the Big Sock Bash on September 18th, 20 knitters came to spend the evening adding as much as we could to the Big Sock.

From our measurements we added 4 inches, and unintentionally a lot of purple (not sure why so much purple, I guess it's just our color).

It was an honor to host The Big Sock on it's visit to San Diego! The BigSock is currently winging it's way to Pennsylvania. Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Welcome to San Diego!

The Big Sock was hand delivered to us on Friday by Cheramie! It is so exciting to have it here. The Big Sock arrived just in time for our monthly Ladies Night and San Diego's contributions to the sock began!

The hand off



The knitting has begun!

A big thank you to Joanna for coming up with this idea. To Cheramie for hand delivering it. To Heidi for being my contact and to everyone at Puffy Mondaes for doing such a great job packing it up and getting it to us! Look for more Big Sock fun from San Diego soon.