Saturday, 11 October 2008

Alaska has the Sock!

Hey, everyone - just getting a feel for this blog. Wanted to post and let you know that the Big Sock arrived safely Thursday and my hubby was like . . . did you order something? . . . what's in the box?, etc.

Silly man! He forgot I had told him it was coming.

It was sooooooooo hard to let it sit there without opening, but I wanted some of the Soldotna Knitters (a group from Ravelry) to be with me to do that. And, THAT happened today. We had a great time of ooohing and ahhhing over the many colors and reading the various places the Sock had visited and looking at pictures . . . oh, and KNITTING on the sock.

Only three of the group could be there this morning - several of the group work on The Slope (oilpatch in northern Alaska) and one was at her son's football game in Anchorage (State playoffs!) so our numbers were shy.

But we are not (shy, that is). We invited other folks in the coffee shop to come and add some stitches. Customers and barristas alike tried their hands at knitting - some for the very first time. Even one of our knitters' little girl joined in - she's only 3!

We have another coffee shop to visit next Saturday and then the following Friday a friend and I (my bosom buddy) are going to Anchorage for our mammograms (get it, bosom buddy - heh) and will take the Sock with us to leave at the Knitting Grounds for a week or two.

I'm hoping for newspaper coverage here and in Anchorage and tv coverage in Anchorage.

Stay tuned . . . . .


Joanne said...

So glad that the sock made it safe and sound to Alaska. I hope that you have as much fun with it as we did here in Littleton, Colorado.

Jo said...

Great to see the sock arrived, look how big it's grown since it's been in Colorado, it's so exciting!