Friday, 7 November 2008

Big Sock and Kaladi Brothers Coffee

Mike and Rita busily knit on the Big Sock last week at Kaladi Brothers in Anchorage. They were joined by several others who took turns knitting while a knitting group met over coffee. I've been tickled to see how many male fingers have added stitches while the Sock has been in Alaska.

One more Friday Night Knitting group (tonight) and then the sock will be picked up the 13th to be taken to Fairbanks on the 14th. It'll be hosted by Inua Yarn Store and will come back to Anchorage on the 25th. My hubby and I will pick it up on the 26th to bring it back to Kenai for a couple more weeks before it heads back to the midwest.

Here's Linda busily stitching away . . . she and Pauline have been the most excited over the sock's visit to Alaska. Thanks, Ladies for all of the work you've done promoting it and taking pictures and such.

See you all soon. I'll post more pictures later.

Maybe we'll get some pics from Fairbanks, too!


Anonymous said...

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LindaY said...

This sock is waaaaay too much fun! Thank you for starting it. My husband (Mike - the guy knitting) wants to know if there's going to be a second one?! Just one small correction - the lady in the top photo of the November 7 entry is Rita, not Maryanne.

PurpleMoose said...

thanks, LindaY. I've made the name change. I appreciate you letting us know.