Saturday, 29 November 2008

Sock is back in Kenai

And, it was an interesting trip . . . Hubby and I were in Anchorage to see his diabetes specialist - and had picked up the sock at Knitting Grounds before we went over. Somehow I knew his appointment would take longer than the half hour or so promised.

Sure enough the sky had turned dark before we left the doctor's office and were able to get back on the road. Just down from WalMart the heater fan quit - just quit working! I pulled into the parking lot so hubby could check fuses and call the car dealership - it was now almost 5pm so, of course, nobody was in the service department who could look at it. And, as this was the day before Thanksgiving, nobody would be in until Friday - and we needed to get home for the family dinner the next day.


I went into the store and bought a couple of sweaters and some gloves - the temps were falling quickly into the low 20s - so we could drive home.

What a trip! There was a line of about 50 cars from Anchorage proper into Girdwood - then another line of at least 20 from Girdwood on home to the Peninsula. The car worked fine, but the heater fan never did come back on (best guess is that either the fan has gone kaput or the wiring has melted - sigh).

What does this have to do with the Sock? ;) Well, we DID consider pulling it from the box and wrapping up in it to stay warm . . . but I did not want to get it dirty, etc. ;)

We made it home safely and the Sock is sitting on my living room floor waiting for its next destination - that will be one of three places - Columbus, Ohio or Rochester NY or the UK. Joanna and I have emailed back and forth and I may be sending it on to NY or UK as is - and starting another round to send on to Ohio.

The shipping is beginning to become prohibitive - and that sort of takes away the fun of it. Thanks, btw, to whomever tucked an envelope into one of the binders - it contained some money to go towards the shipping. I truly appreciate that.

So . . . I plan to get the Sock out of the box today - unless I hear otherwise in a pretty quick timeline - and begin to take it off needles and put it onto scrap yarn for its trip back to Joanna. Then I will take those needles and begin the new center section - which will eventually make it back to Joanna to be grafted onto the section on which you all have so lovingly worked.

;) And, the race to make the record continues.

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Joanne said...

There was a shop in Tennessee that was interested in getting it after Columbus. I'm afraid that I can't remember the name of it.

It's getting to be one huge, heavy sock, isn't it?