Friday, 14 August 2009

Sock Summit Show & Tell

The lantern moon girls in their cute silk outfits came over to have a little knit...

This is what the sock measured in at on Saturday Morning...It has grown a substantial amount since, That suitcase we packed it in to transport was nearly too small to fit it into for the return trip home.

We hadn't anticipated that the bigsock would become a resting place for overwhelmed knitters, and we were able to really connect with a lot of interesting people...

Keren is pretty awesome, we were able to tag team with the sock so that we could both see the marketplace and take breaks... we estimate that there was a new circulation of knitters on the sock about every 10 minutes the entire weekend... Bringing the bigsock to the summit would not have been possible without her hard work!
The bigsock was visited by the lovely Stephanie Pearl Mcphee, and Barbara Walker... and the very graceful Meg Swansen.. Stephen Houghton also popped over for a look..

The big sock was also featured in the article about the Sock Summit by the Oregonian.... take a look!

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