Monday, 19 October 2009

Stamping a Mark at Rhinebeck 2009

There was much anticipation when the Uncommon Threads Yarn Shop decided to bring the Big Sock to the annual New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. Guesses of how many folks would knit on the Big Sock brought an estimation of 250 people for the whole weekend. The guesses were a teensy bit off... Before the sock left Uncommon Threads in York, PA, it was 17 inches. We guesstimated that 3 inches were done during Rhinebeck, and after the final measurement, 27 rounds were knitted. That means 27 x 1500 = 40500 stitches!!

The lovely Jamie of Zippy Pins supplied 500 buttons for handing out to knitters that worked on the Big Sock. Not only did 500 knitters come by, but another estimated 50-100 knitters participated!

There were a couple of knitting celebrities who popped over to knit on the sock. I happened to snap Melissa Morgan-Oakes looking sly during her time with Big Sock. Another was CAT from Let's Knit Together.

Special thanks go to the folks who donated skeins of yarn to be incorporated in the Big Sock:
  • Olebrumm whose beautiful skein from a rare Finnish breed of sheep is being added this week during Stitches East (if not today!).
  • Duchess Fibers who are the USA distributors of Punta Yarns. The skein they donated is Merisock Hand Paint in colorway HP71.
For more photos of the Big Sock during Rhinebeck, feel free to browse them in either the flickr group or in this link.

Congrats to all you who participated! Yay!!!!